Ovenproof Frying Pan With Removable Handle

Frying fan is one of important members of your kitchen arsenal. Without a quality frying fan your kitchen is incomplete because many recipes totally depend on this cookware and you can’t expect the results you desired from other types of pots and pans usage. With passage of time oven became quite popular and now the experts and kitchen enthusiasts recommend the use of many food recipes for sake of getting the marvelous result. This is the reason in cooking books and online you will come across different types of recipes demand for application of oven. Majority of pots and pans are not oven safe and you have to change the cookware for sake of giving your food oven treatment. This is the reason food lovers looking for pots and pans that come with oven safety attribute. In this article ovenproof frying pan with removable handle will explore some of the great quality and well-constructed pans especially designed for meeting this purpose. If you have oven safe cookware, it will make your cooking a lot easier, ensures an easy one pot cooking experience. Furthermore you also need to wash less.

Ovenproof Frying Pan With Removable Handle

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Why Ovenproof Frying Pan?

Ovenproof cookware makes your cooking journey easy and hassle free, not cookware change is required and less to wash at end. There is no need for changing the pots in course of the cooking process. Start your cooking in the pan and complete in the same pot. It makes your cooking easy and also lessens your dish-washing duties.

Ovenproof frying pan with detachable handle is a flat bottomed pan used for different cooking styles such as searing, frying and browning. The pan dimensions are 200 to 300mm (8 to 12 Inch) in diameter. The pan comes with relatively low sides. The sides flare outwards. It comes with long handle and in majority of cases it has no lid.

An ovenproof is made of tough material, makes it robust and fit for bearing high temperature. In simple words it is oven safe.

The question is why you need ovenproof frying pan. The answer is simple your recipes need oven treatment and you need a cookware that comes with features to tolerate oven extreme temperature.

If you put the non-oven safe pot/pan in your oven then extreme heat of the oven will badly affect the cookware. The damage is not limited to pan but it also affects your oven.

Another risk associated with using a non-oven safe cookware in oven is that the oven can catch fire. For all these risks it is important that you properly check your cookware for oven safety and only use those pots and pans in this kitchen gadget when the manufacturer clearly mentioned it in its features and manual.

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How to Check Whether Your Pan is Oven Safe or Not?

In most cases all those pans that are oven safe come with special market on their bottom say the pan is oven safe. If you already purchased a cookware set, then check pots and pans for oven safety.

In some cases the pots or pans in a cookware set is oven safe but the handles are made of plastic so you can’t enjoy the benefits of its oven safeness.

In market you will find pots and pans handles made of different oven safe materials such as ceramic, glass, cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel. Enamel is oven safe but with limited temperature range safety. The handles made of enamel are oven safe up-to 350 degrees F. Other mentioned material handles are oven safe at high temperature but should not be heated above 500 degrees F.

To address this issue majority of cookware sets manufacturers design their products with removable handles. If you want to put your pot or pan in oven then just detach the handle and cook your food according to your recipe requirements.

Best Ovenproof Frying Pan with Detachable Handle

Nonstick and Oven Safe Pan with Removable Handle

A nonstick frying pan makes your cooking extremely easy. There is no fear of material stick to the cooking surface. As there is no risk of food sticking to the surface of the pan you have more freedom to go for less fatty food. You can easily reduce the fat content of your food and still have the freedom of tossing the food according to your recipe requirements.

You can perfectly brown the food with less fat and less risk of food sticking to the cooking surface of pan.

Cleverona Essential Nonstick 10.25 Inch Fry Pan with SecureSnap Detachable Handle and Large Clever Lid – Dark Grey

It was one of the bestseller on many online stores at time of writing this piece of content. It is nonstick and comes with removable handle.

The pan is oven safe up-to 480 degrees F (handle off).

It offers a perfect freedom to use it with any heat source you want;

  • Induction
  • Ceramic
  • Electric
  • Radiant
  • Gas
  • And halogen

It comes with thick bottom. The 4.5mm thick aluminum bottom resists warping and ensures even distribution of heat across the cooking surface. So there is no fear of uncooked or overcooked results.

It comes with a secure snap ergonomic handle that easily detaches from the main pan so you can easily put it in oven for meeting requirements of your recipe.

The pan is accompanied by a lid with steam vent prevents pressure buildup for making different types of food cooking extremely easy.

The universal large lid is highly heat resistant. It is approved by FDA/LFGB. The lid silicone rim is also highly heat resistant. The rim stays stable even at very high temperature so there is no fear of stick to the pan. There is no risk of melting or wearing off in course of intense heat based cooking.

The lid also comes with elevated stay cool knob makes the cooking safe and burn free. You can touch it without fear of your hand burn. There is no need for using potholders, simple, easy and burn free cooking.

The nonstick coating is highly dependable. The premium, safe and healthy nonstick 2 layers surface ensures stick free cooking. The reliable nonstick cooking surface allows for oil free or less oil based cooking.  It is oven safe when the handle is off.

The nonstick cooking surface is safe and there is no risk of health issues because it is free of PFOA.  Furthermore the nonstick cooking surface is highly resistant to scratches of spatula, easy cooking without the fear of coating peeling off and leeching into your food.

It is not just a frying pan. Its multifunctional features make it a fit for using as sauce pan, wok, casserole and even a perfect pan for your baking. So you can easily stir fry, make dips, favorite dishes, sauces and makes easy transfer from stove to oven for perfect cooking and baking cakes, pastries and even bread.

You can easily attach and detach the handle. You just need to pull back the red to remove the handle. By removing the handle you can reduce the pan length from 19.5 inch to 13.4 inch.

It is dishwasher safe but hand wash is recommended.

Campana-CAM FFP 32 – Detachable Handle Cookware – Fashion Fry pan 32 cm/12.6″

This nonstick frying pan with detachable handle is especially designed and made for all those fried food lovers who are looking for premium quality nonstick cooking surface. A lot of efforts the manufacturer put into this product to give it an incomparable nonstick feature. As far as the nonstick cooking surface is concerned you can buy this frying pan with confidence because the nonstick surface is highly robust, can bear extreme temperature and withstand with continuous use without facing the issue of peeling of and leeching of nonstick particles into your food.

The pan three layers of White ford Quant Tanium coating makes it a perfect nonstick cookware. The 3 layers of WhitefordQuanTanium coatings are:

  • Fully Reinforced Primer
  • Partially Reinforced Mid coat
  • Highly Release Topcoat

Plus the Metal base of fry pan Sandblasted prior to coating to create stronger nonstick adhesion. Cross section of QuantumTanium fry pan reinforced with titanium and ceramic particles.

It is healthy and the nonstick coating is free of PFOA, a substance found in low quality nonstick cookware coatings.

The pan forged pure aluminum body ensures even and fast heat distribution across the cooking space. It is extremely warp resistant.

It is compatible with all stove-tops gas, electric, ceramic, and radiant. It is dishwasher safe and oven safe as well.

The product is manufactured in Italy following the strict quality guidelines, so there is no risk on spending your hard earned money on low quality China product.

But the product has one limitation and that the handle is not included in this package and you have to spend some extra bucks in range of 10 to 15 buying the handle for it. You can easily buy this handle on Amazon. The handle is listed on same page below the main product. So you don’t have to bother searching for it, the handle especially designed and made for this frying pan.

WollNowo Titanium Square Fry Pan with Detachable Handle, 10-Inch

This titanium reinforced nonstick frying pan with detachable handle is made in Germany following the strict guidelines about quality, health, safety and environment.

It is durable, offers exceptional cooking performance. The robust construction formula makes the cookware fit for long lasting performance. There is no fear and risk of pan blister, crack, separate or bubble. It will serve you cooking needs for many years to come, protected with the generous lifetime limited warranty.

The pan is made of Titanium. It is one of the hardest substances that especially considered the best choice for manufacturing of high tech products such as surgical instruments, fighter planes, golf clubs and hip replacement.

This robust nonstick titanium made cookware is totally made and designed to manufacturing standards of in state of the art manufacturing environment in Germany.

The dependable, long lasting and leeching free nonstick coating makes possible fats and oil free cooking, so you can cooking any type of recipe for your healthier lifestyle.

You can get your food cooked in quick span of time, because of the fat and even heat distribution across the cooking space. It is a perfect choice for searing, deglazing and browning. All this is made possible by the pan extra thick body as well as the base that is made of stress relieved chill cast aluminum.

You can use this frying pan with detachable handle on all types of cook-tops; ceramic, gas, radiant, electric and halogen.

There is no under or overcooking of food. You can easily tailor the cooking process according to specific heat requirements of your recipe. There is no fear of hot or cold spots. This frying pan is guaranteed not to warp.

As your main interest is to buy a quality nonstick frying pan with detachable handle so you will find all these attributes in this patented German product. The patented German engineered and designed removable handle makes the attaching and detaching of handle hassle free. The click on and click off of the handle makes your journey from stove-top to oven or to storage extremely easy. The things are just away from you with a simple push of button. There is no wrestling needed.

The patented German designed and engineered handle comes with a cast iron threaded base so there is no fear of handle screws become loosen or never strip. So you can use it for many years to come without bothering any repair. Another benefit you avail by getting this product is its generous limited lifetime warranty.

The easy removable handle makes it a perfect pan for cooking anywhere and also makes it just fit for hassle free storage in tight spaces.

The easy to detach handle makes your cooking and cleaning job a lot easier. It fits into the dishwasher or sink for effortless cleanup. It is oven safe. Remove the handle and enjoy the perfect oven based cooking experience. The pan side handles and cover knobs are oven safe up-to 260 C°/500 F°.

Furthermore the robust nonstick cooking surface is metal utensils safe so there is no restriction for looking a nylon or wooden spatula for keeping the cooking surface intact.

The frying pan is dishwasher safe and the nonstick cooking surface is healthy, free of PFOA.

It is originated from trusted source, made in Germany product and protected with limited lifetime warranty.

If you are interested in buying a lid for this frying pan, you can easily buy it on Amazon. On Amazon you will find especially made vented safety glass cover, with stainless steel rim.

Eurocast Professional Cookware 10.25″ Fry Pan with Removable Handle

This Eurocast frying pan offers exceptional features but you have to pay the extra bucks to avail these great features. The frying pan is equipped with detachable handle so you can use it directly in your oven without any damage. You can move from stove-top to oven without any intermediary cookware. If oven treatment is one important steps of your recipe then don’t worry you can take this pan into for perfect oven based cooking experience.

The pan is oven up-to 500 F°. If your pan also comes with glass cover then you can use the pan with glass cover in oven up-to 400 degrees F. The glass cover is oven safe up-to 400F°.

Besides the hassle free detachable handle another great feature you will enjoy the effects of which is the robust nonstick cooking surface. The frying pan comes with 2-layer ‘Ferno Ceramic’ non-stick surface. This Ferno Ceramic Nonstick surface is the newest technology based feature from the famous brand Berghoff. This nonstick cooking surface is well known for its performance, durability and quality.

You can cook your food with confidence in this frying pan without the fear of cracking, chipping or peeling of nonstick surface. The nonstick surface is PFOA/PTFE free. It is an environment friendly product.

You have no limitation when using this product on any stovetop. You can use it on any cooktop;

  • Induction
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Vitro ceramic
  • Halogen

It is protected with limited lifetime warranty.