Microwave Safe Pizza Pan

Pizza is loved by majority of food lovers for its incomparable great look and mouthwatering taste. It is very difficult to stop yourself from a big bite when come across with a pizza with rich toppings, crispy exterior and juicy interior. Today pizza has variety of flavor choices and topping options make it one of the most wanted and popular food in our daily routines.

Microwave Safe Pizza Pan

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In every country there are different pizza brands local, countrywide and also international brand such as Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, PizzaExpress, Pizza Corner and more. Majority of us are addicted to pizza made in pizza restaurants. But there is also not a scarcity of pizza enthusiasts who want to master this skill and get the same taste and flavor with their home made pizza.

Pizza making is not a rocket science and you can easily know the nitty gritty of its dough preparation, toppings and baking with just couple of trials and errors. But the good news is that you can now make your first pizza like a master with confidence because of the lot of free information available online about this topic.

Just serf pizza relevant things on google and you will get information that will make you pizza mastering journey smooth and easy.

The only things you have to spend your money on are the tools. If your kitchen is already equipped with an oven or microwave then you don’t need to spend your hard earned money on special pizza machine. These machines are only needed by commercial pizza houses where they have to do lot of things in quick span of time. At a time they place many pizzas in the machine to make possible delivery of the orders on time. The kitchen oven can’t find itself fit in their tight time schedule. But home based pizza making hassle the normal oven or microwave is just perfect. You can experience any type of pizza with no restriction of toppings with your kitchen based baking gadgets.

Besides the pizza baking machine in your kitchen, another things you need for this homebased pizza making experience is a quality Microwave or oven safe pizza pan.

You might know that the cardboard lines or the cookie sheets you buy from your local stores don’t offer the perfect even cooking surface you need for pizza baking. That is why you should invest some bucks in Cast Iron Pizza Pan.

Therefore here we have picked some great products for making your selection and buying a quality pizza pan easy. You will not only select a great pan but also will save some bucks as well. Pizza pan is not an expensive item but selection of low quality and poor performing product is not only a total waste of money but it will also materially affect your baking experience. If your pizza is of low quality, the dough will not get uniform heating that is very important for fast and even baking. So if you want to bake your first pizza like a pro then choose a best quality pan besides other essentials you need for this kitchen job.

Even heating is one of the essential attributes your pizza baking process should meet to deliver the results you expected. If there is a substantial fluctuation in heating process then you can’t get the results you are looking for. A quality and well baked pizza needs to meet and pass the three attributes test:

  • Crispy exterior
  • Well-cooked toppings
  • And juicy interior

If one of the aforementioned attributes doesn’t exist then you can’t call your pizza a master piece. And it is obvious for all these three things to meet you need a system that delivers even heating across the cooking space so that every inch of your pizza get the same heat.

Selecting a quality pizza pan is not easy because of the plethora of choices you have to choose from. The buying process is especially confusing when you do it online. You will see different pans with competing features and prices… So the selection is more difficult online. This is the reason who have thoroughly searched out the five best pizza pan to enable you to bake your every pizza like a pro.

5 Best Pizza Pans For Microwave

Lodge P14P3 Pro-Logic Cast Iron Pizza Pan, 14-inch, Black

If you want every inch of your pizza get even heating then Lodge P14P3 Pro-Logic Cast Iron Pizza Pan is the best option. This pan is originated from trusted brand “Lodge”, famous for crafting quality cast iron pots and pans. It is the very old player in cookware industry engaged since 1896. The products of this company are famous for its durability. So you can buy this pan with confidence and it will serve your baking needs for many years to come.

Heat efficient construction of it makes even distribution of heat across the cooking space.

It is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. So there is no need for seasoning it again. Therefore you can use it immediately for starting your pizza baking.

The ergonomic two side handles that are looped support the comfortable and safe carrying of the pan from the heat to the table. There is no fear of hand burning and other mishap. You can carry the baked pizza with confidence to its serving table without the need to transfer the pizza into serving plate.

It is atypical pan that performs its job without any confusion. The pan is not dishwasher safe, hand wash is recommended to avoid damage. Hand wash is recommended so that the cooking surface performs in same manner as a new product, makes possible serving your baking needs for many years to come.

The pizza pan is 400 degrees F in 4 minute on medium heat plus it is sterile at 212 degree F that eliminates the need of soap for washing the cookware.

The product is extremely tough and long lasting. Its longevity is guaranteed by its robust construction formula. The manufacturer is 100% confident about the durable lifespan of this product. And this is the reason they offer limited lifetime warranty for it. Both interior and exterior of the product is made of same robust and long lasting cast iron, the material loved by Lodge for manufacturing its long lasting product range. Once buy it and enjoy the pizza baking without bothering for another pan in your life. The products from this company are famous for their long lifespan. Some families still have in use pots and pans from this brand with life more than 100 years. So it is the lifetime investment.

It is foundry seasoned and you can apply it to use on arrival. The product is seasoned with pre-seasoned Lodge’s vegetable oil formula. So there is not waiting and hassle for doing the seasoning and then wait. As you get your Lodge pizza pan, it is ready for handling the job it is made for.

The cast iron the construction material of this pan is famous for its excellent heat retention and even distribution of heat. There are no warping, cold/hotspots. Every inch of your pizza gets the same amount of heat. The results are just amazing with crispy exterior, well-cooked toppings and juicy interior.

You can use it in the microwave, grill, and oven and even over a campfire, so you can use it for different recipes besides pizza baking, a flexible cookware suitable for all occasions.


  • Brutally tough, fit for decades of cooking. The pan is made of long lasting cast iron so it will serve your cooking and baking needs for decades.
  • Ergonomic two loop handles for easy carrying from heat to the table.
  • A flexible cookware, can be used in microwave, oven, over grill and even on a campfire
  • pre-seasoned with company vegetable oil formula, ready for use on arrival
  • Unparalleled in heat retention and even heating
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • 14 inch size, might not suitable for people who are looking for bigger size pizza.
  • Only hand wash is recommended. Might not be a best option for people who find pots and pans washing by hand difficult.

Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan-14” Skillet

This is another best option, cast iron pan skillet excellent for baking a classic pizza. The full 14 inch in diameter, this multifunctional pizza pan is not just good for baking crispy and well-cooked pizza but you can also unlock its potential for cooking and baking other forms of food.

The gourmet chefs around the world recommend preferred and recommend cast iron pan for baking the pizza with same features and attributes as the one baked in the villages and hamlets of old Italy.

The cast iron construction enables fast, even heating and long heat retention. The even distribution of heat ensures to supply the same amount of heat to every inch of the pizza. The end result is that your baked pizza has crispy exterior, perfectly cooked toppings and juicy interior, waiting for a big bite.

In this multifunctional cookware you can fry, bake or broil any type of vegetable and meat. This easy to use ergonomic pizza pan keeps the heat in the middle of the pan so the outward edges of the pan remains cool. You will find this pan just fantastic for handling different types of baking besides pizza such as crepes, cookies, fries etc.

It is easy to use and makes the pizza baking extremely easy. You don’t require things, other brands of pans need such as baking sheet or cardboard liners. All this hassle free baking is made possible because the pan is pre-seasoned. The company vegetable oil formula ensures the pan fit for immediate use on its arrival.

You have to wash the pan by hand because it is not dishwasher safe. But it is easy to wash, just needs warm water.

The pizza pan is protected with 10 years limited warranty.


  • You will find this pizza pan in different sizes; 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 inch
  • You can use this pizza pan for variety of foods besides baking pizza
  • It is pre-seasoned and ready for instant use.
  • Protected with limited 10 years warranty


  • It is the best practice to re-season this pan after every use to keep the cooking surface in good shape and prevent rust.
  • The pan is comparatively heavy so for some people it might not be easy to carry this pan without some hassle.
  • Some users don’t like the extremely rough exterior of the pan. Its cooking surface is rougher when compared to other competing baking pan.
  • It is not dishwasher safe. So if you are looking for a pan with dishwasher safety then it is not best choice for you.
  • It is protected with generous 10 years warranty but the aforementioned product, Lodge P14P3 Pro-Logic Cast Iron Pizza Pan offers limited lifetime warranty. This is a big difference in term of warranty.

​Cuisinart AMB-14PP Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware 14 Inch Pizza Pan

The main difference between this pizza pan and other discussed in this article is the perforated cooking surface. The perforated baking surface serves exceptionally well ensure access of heat to all parts of pizza.

This unique design allows uniform heat for even baking resulting exquisitely crispy crust as well as the thick rolled edges eliminating the risk of pizza from warping. All the toppings are well cooked.

The pan is made of rust resistant heavy gauge aluminum steel.The heavy gauge (1.0 mm) aluminized steel construction ensures evenheating. The heavy gauge aluminum steel formula ensures even distribution of heat across the cooking surface. So there is no warping, cold and hot spots.

The pan’s WhitfordXylan non-stick interior and exterior support hassle free release and breeze cleanup.

The nonstick interior cooking surface and exterior make sure hassle free food release. There is not struggling and wrestling to remove the food from the surface of the pan on completion of baking process.

The thick rolled edges of the pan excellently work against warping.  Cuisinart offers limited lifetime warranty for this product. It is dishwasher safe, makes the cleaning convenient and easy.


  • It is very low price product. It is almost 20 to 30 buck low in price when compared to competing products. So if you are on tight budget then it is just a best fit for you.
  • Both the interior and exterior of the pan is dishwasher safe. On completion of the baking process the food easily released from the pan surface. So you can easily plate the pizza without using the accessory for removing it from the pan surface,
  • It is dishwasher safe. While majority of competing pizza pan are not dishwasher safe.
  • Other unique feature standouts this pan is its perforated cooking surface. The perforated surface works exceptionally well for distributing heat evenly across the cooking surface. The benefit of it is that every inch of pizza gets the same amount of heat for crispy exterior, juicy interior and well-cooked toppings.
  • Extra-thick rolled edges prevent pan from warping.
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The pan lacks handles, found in other competing pan. This lack of handles makes the transporting of the pan from heat source to table difficult. You need some tool to hold the pan to avoid hand burning. Lacks of pan makes the pizza in and out of the oven difficult, so an accessory is needed.
  • It is comparatively heavy when compared to competing pizza pans.
  • It is offered in only one size, 14 inch. Some brand offers the pan in different size to meet the specific requirements of the family. Similarly the oven’s baking space also needs to be considered when you buying the pan.
  • You need to wait for cooling of the pan before washing it. Because the quick change in temperature may alter the shape of the pan.

AirBake Nonstick Pizza Pan15.75 in By T-fal

This pizza pan comes in at 15.75” make your pizza making job easier because you can go for big size pizza without feeling any space scarcity. It is larger in size when compared to other pizza pans reviewed in this post in above paragraphs.

But if the 15.75 inches size is big for your baking machine then for your convenience the product is also available in smaller sizes. If you need the small size product then it is available in 12.75 inches.

Both the larger and smaller sizes of this pan share the same features. Whatever product you choose the baking functionality is the same.

This pan like aforementioned Cuisinart AMB-14PP Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware 14 Inch Pizza Pan also comes with perforated baking surface. The unique perforated surface serves exceptionally well for supplying even heat to every inch of your pizza.

The pan is made of dual aluminum sheets. The twin aluminum sheets construction ensures even distribution of heat across the baking surface. While the perforated cooking surface further reinforced the even heat supply to every inch of the pizza.

The unique double aluminum sheets structure ensures even supply of heat. The bottom sheet of the pan serves the function of protecting pizza from direct heat exposure that can easily burn your pizza. So there is no tension of pizza burning that is something very common when you are new into the field of baking. The top layer of the pan acts as an insulator that block overheating preventing the top of the pizza from burning.

You can wash the pan in dishwasher but hand wash is recommended. Just use hot water for its cleaning. The pan can bear temperature up-to 425 F°.  You shouldn’t go too hot crossing the limits mentioned by the manufacturer, as there is the risk of cracking the pan.

Another bad thing associated with this T-fal pizza pan is lack of handles. Lack of handles make the carrying of pan from oven to table little difficult. Lack of handles also hinders the smooth in and out of pan in oven.

It is nonstick. So there is no fear of the pizza sticking to the surface of the pan. Painting of the cooking surface with vegetable oil for smooth release of pizza on completion of the cooking process.

The product carries 10 year limited warranty.


  • Extremely low price for a large size 15.75” baking pan.
  • Generous large 15.75 inches size best for baking large family size pizza.
  • Double layered insulated aluminum structure for even distribution of heat, preventing burning of the bottom and top of the pizza.
  • Nonstick baking surface, effortless pizza release on completion of baking and breeze cleanup, just need hot water.
  • It is dishwasher safe. But hand wash with warm water is recommended.


  • Lacks handle, not easy to carry from heat to table.
  • The perforated surface makes it perfect for even heating but it also makes it unfit for cooking meat and vegetables.


Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware, Pizza Pan, 16-inch

This Calphalon pizza pan is made of heavy gauge steel core. The heavy gauge steel core construction prevents warp and ensures even heat distribution. There is no hotspots buildup so your cakes, cookies and pizzas come out of the oven evenly perfectly browned.

The interlocking nonstick layers providing a dependable surface that makes sure effortless pizza release. The nonstick surface comes with 2X better than classic Calphalon bakeware. So every time your gooey cheese comes off cleanly, no accessory is needed for plating the pizza.

Extra-large size, 16 inch in diameter, provides the opportunity for making large pizza to feed your family, friends and colleagues. The large size also makes possible to allocate one half of the pan for one type of pizza and rest for a pie with different toppings, energy and time efficient pan.

The nonstick finish of this pan is practical and beautiful. The perforations it comes with enable circulation of hot air to give your fully homemade pizza or store bought frozen pizza an exceptionally perfect well-baked cooked crust.

Before buying this extra-large pan, ensure that your oven can accommodate it.

It is oven safe, up-to 500 F°.  It is dishwasher safe. It is backed by Calphalon full lifetime warranty.


  • Extra-large size, you can experience baking of pizza with several toppings. It also provides the opportunity to easily entertain your family, friends and colleagues with feeling any scarcity of baking space.
  • It is dishwasher safe, supports breeze cleanup.
  • It is more amenable to high temperature when compared to competing pizza pans. You can heat it up to 500 F°.
  • The perforations ensure even heat circulation across the baking space for perfectly cooked crust.
  • You can use it for different types of baking activities beside pizza.
  • Backed by manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.


  • Extra-large size pan, your oven might not provide the space to accommodate it.
  • Difficult to wash by hand
  • Storage might be problem if you have already crowded kitchen.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pizza Pan

We can’t say all the pizza pans are the same and share the same features. You will experience some differences when use pans from different brands. This is the reason in this article our team have compiled a list of different pans belonged competing brands. Apparently they give the same look but when meticulously analyze their features there exist material differences.  So from this list you can easily choose the one product best suits your needs.

When you order a pizza the things you need to consider is the size, toppings, texture and thickness. But all these attributes are decided by the restaurant and you can’t change them. Two things you can specially include in your order that are the toppings and size. All other attributes of pizza is on the discretion of the pizza-house. They will never entertain your desire about the thickness and texture of the pizza.

This is the reason pizza devotees like to bake the pizza in comfort of their home. With homemade pizza you have full control over all the features and attributes of end result. You can choose the thickness of pizza. How much cheese do you love to melt on the top of your pizza? Some folks love pizza with very thick layers of cheese. So with in house baking you can easily satisfy your desire for deep coated pizza.

Thickness of pizza also matters for some pizza lovers. If you love to bite a pizza with supreme thickness then you can just increase it without jeopardizing the crispiness of it if you have the system with perfect baking caliber.

Sometime you don’t like the quality or not satisfy with quality of toppings of your pizza house. If you love spicy ingredients and if the pizza house does it without your favorite spices then with in house baking you have the freedom to make the things according to your palate.

If you love pizza and want to take this love to high degree then it is important for you do bake it in your home. Besides other tools pan also play a vital role in pizza baking. So here we will discuss the things you need to consider before choosing and buying a quality baking pan.

The Size

When you place your order for pizza the first thing the restaurant will ask “the size”.  If you order the wrong size pizza, it is not a big deal! If you order a small size then you can order another small size to make the things correct. Or if order a big size pizza, can’t be consumed then you can store it and reheat it in your microwave. But if you order a wrong size pizza pan, you can’t rectify this error. It will remain in your kitchen forever.  If the pan is smaller than your needs then you have to repeat the baking process to bake the pizzas you and your family needs. It will cost you lot of money in term of energy consumption. Furthermore it will kill your precious time, especially bothering for busy folks.

If you order a large size pan beyond the capacity of your oven then it is a total waste of money. The only solution you have to sell the product on online auction. So before buying pizza pan thoroughly analyze your pizza needs (considering your family size). Another thing you need to pay attention is the size of your oven. Order the pan that can easily fit into your oven.

The size also matters because when you are not using the pan you will also need to store. If your kitchen is already crowded with cookware, appliances etc. then you will need to order the size you can accommodate it easily.

The Material

Majority of chefs prefer cast iron for pizza pan. The reasons for this preference include;


The baking with cast iron made pan is very easy when compared to traditional pizza stones. When baking with cast iron made pan you just need heat resistant gloves. The traditional stones lack handle or handles. The handles provide the user with more control over baking process. The handles play a vital role making the baking process very convenient because you can rotate the pan easily for making possible even exposure of pizza to heat.

As we know traditional pizza stones lack the handles extremely important for getting the pizza in and out of the oven. Without handles, you need to be careful and use additional accessories when transferring the pizza to and from the stone.

Therefore cast iron pizza pan with handles make the baking process lot easier, offering full control over getting the pizza in and out of the oven. Furthermore the handles also support hassle free carrying of pizza from heat to table.

Easy Preheating

The cast iron pan absorbs the heat quickly when compared to stone. The stone takes longer time to reach the required temperature than with a cast iron pan.

To bake your pizza using traditional pizza stone you need to place the stone into the oven and preheat it to 500 F° for minimum 30 minutes. Be careful, never put a cold stone into hot oven because the thermal shock will cause it to break or crack.

The benefit of cast iron pan is that it is thermal shock proof. Therefore you can place it in oven without fear of any cracking happen. But for the best result it is recommended to preheat the pan before loading the dough and toppings.

For spreading the heat across the cooking space, the cast iron pan demands for some time to do this job. After evenly spreading the heat, the pan retains the hot and stays hot. If you want a perfectly baked pizza, then you have to preheat the pan. It will not only cook your pizza evenly but also supports hassle free release from the pan.

The Heat Source

Oven is the most preferred place to bake the pizza.  Oven is the ideal place for baking pizza as far as pizza pan based baking is concerned. But there are other options as well you can use for baking your pizza. Other places you can use for baking pizza include over a fire, grill or stovetop. But before buying a best pizza pan it is important to thoroughly consider the heat source.

Another thing also carries lot of weight in your decision process is “how high you can heat the pan”. If you put your pan to heat more than it is permitted limit it can ruin the pan.

Storage and Transport

In the market there are pizza pans that don’t come with handles. It can make your pizza baking and transfer difficult. Without handles pizza pan makes the oven in or out difficult. You need accessory for taking pan in and out of the oven. Handles also support easy carry of pizza pan from an oven to a table.

Handles are especially vital for all those people who indulge in baking on camping tips or doing in their patio. If you are addicted to outdoor baking, then choose the size of the pan according to camping luggage plan. A very large size pan might not be an easy option for your outdoor baking experience.

The space for this cookware in your already crowded kitchen is also important to consider before choosing a size of pan.


Before buying a pan it is important to read the instruction on its package whether it is dishwasher safe or you have to wash it by hand.

Majority of the products are not dishwasher safe in this category. Even if a pizza pan is dishwasher safe, the manufacturers don’t recommend dishwasher use and ask for hand wash to avoid removing of the nonstick coating.

If you wash the pan by hand, it will serve your baking needs for many years to come.

For some people washing by hand is possible, and then dishwasher safe pan is the best option for them. If you can’t wash the pan by hand then choose the pan from a reputable brand with specialty in manufacturing of robust and long lasting dishwasher safe nonstick cookware.


Pizza needs even heating. Besides a perfect oven that produces enough heat and distributes it evenly, another thing that makes your pizza baking easy and excellent is the pizza pan. Before buying a pan, the things you need to consider, is the size of your oven, your family size, kitchen space and the last but not the least your dish washing routine ( dishwasher or by hand). Hope you have properly analyzed your specific needs before buying pizza baking pan.