Air Fryer With Rotating Basket

Air frying is becoming a popular cooking mode with passage of time. The main reason boosting its popularity is the people interest in healthy life style without compromising the taste of their routine dishes. The food with same taste as deep fried but with little or no fat content at all are things make this modern kitchen appliance something every healthy conscious person loves. In this article air fryer with rotating basket we will explore one of the best machines Power Air Fryer comes with this feature for making the cooking extremely easy.

Air Fryer With Rotating Basket

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Air fryers are famous for their ability to cook the food in quick and easy manner while at same time the food is tasty as well as healthy. As far as selection of a quality air fryer selection is concerned, it is not an easy process because of the plethora of choices. You have to indulge in thorough research for sake of finding a quality and dependable machine that provides the cooking features you are interested in. As the market is now full of different choices, so there is lots of low quality machines as well, not offering the desired functionality of airy fryer. At time of writing this piece of content Power Airy Fryer was quite popular among the health conscious folks, the product was advertised on different TV channels so let’s see the machine offers the same value as mentioned in its advertising complain.

So in this piece of content you will learn how the Power Air Fryer works, what accessories and freebies included in the box and what the current users’ experiences are about this air fryer.

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What is the Our Selected Power Air Fryer Oven?

This Power Air Fryer uses convection technology for cooking. The convection technology ensures quick cooking of food with exceptional results so your food has crispy exterior and tender moist tender the two important attributes the food lovers search in fried food.

The machine heating elements make the air warm with intense temperature. The air fryer’s fans circulate the hot air across the cooking chamber ensuring even cooking.

The Power Air Fryer Oven (PAFO)has replaced Power Air Frye XL. PAFO you will find shelves or racks made of metal screen racks. The fryer’s shelves come with mesh like design ensures optimum airflow not only makes possible even and succulent cooking but at same it also ensures grease to drain through and collected into an easy to clean removable drip pan. The removable drip pan allows hassle free cleanup because it is dishwasher safe.

You will find this air fryer easy to use when compared to traditional airy fryer. Majority of traditional fryers need food flipping during cooking process so that all the parts of food receives required amount of heat. All this made possible by its dependable rotating basket. The rotating basket ensures constant air flow by mowing the food as well. The end result of this automatic food mowing function is that your food receives even and the required amount of heat.

Power Air Fryer Oven Review

Key Features

  • You can use this air fryer for variety of cooking functions eliminating the needs for buying more cooking appliances for different day to day cooking. The machine 7 in 1 multi-functional cooking system offers the opportunity to replace the following machines;
    • Toaster
    • Convection oven
    • Deep fryer
    • Rotisserie oven
    • Dehydrator oven
    • Pizza grill
    • & microwave
  • Automatic shutoff function so there is no need for babysitting. The automatic shutoff prevents food overcooking.
  • Even a newbie can get professional results with this dependable machine.
  • Healthy and tasty cooking; you can reduced 80% of your food calories with this machine without compromising the taste of your recipe. Despite of extremely low fat based cooking the food offers the same taste as deep oil fried food.
  • Even cooking; juicy tender interior and crispy exterior with 80% less fat, healthy and taste are perfect harmony.
  • Super-heated Air up to 360° Cyclonic Air makes possible even cooking.
  • 7 One-Touch Digital Pre-Sets
  • 1500 Watts of Turbo Cyclonic Power
  • Rotisserie Set With 10 Rotisserie Skewers
  • Rotating Mesh Basket With Easy Fetch Tool
  • Easy Clean-Up Drip Tray Catches Fat & Grease
  • Air Fryers Easy Load Basket
  • Cool-to-the-Touch EZ Grip Handle
  • Accessories include in this package;
    • 3 air flow racks
    • Rotating mesh basket
    • Rotisserie spit with shaft and forks
    • Rotisserie fetch tool
    • Drip tray
    • 10 Skewers
    • 2 instruction manuals
    • 3 recipe books
  • Product weight: 25.4 pounds
  • Product measurement; 15 length x 16.2 width x 14 height inches
  • Backed by 6 days warranty

Detailed Description

The power air fryer oven comes with praiseworthy features give a distinct position in air fryer market. In the following lines we will explore some its best features.

Air Frying

The PAFO is loved for its generous cooking space makes it a family cooking system. It offers more cooking surface when compared to competing models on the market. The air fryer’s mesh air flow racks ensure let the user to cooking family sized meals. It allows to cooking family sized portions of various foods; up-to six different types of food simultaneously eliminating the waiting time need for cooking to air fry the food one by one.

The rotating basket makes possible hassle free air frying of food ensuring even distribution of heat across the cooking chamber eliminating the needs for flipping the foods.

The large oven size can easily provide space for accommodating 9 inch pizza or 5 pound chicken so you can easily entertain your family or waiting guests in quick span of time.


Rotisserie is one of the favorite cooking styles of many of food lovers. In this cooking method the meat is roasted on a spit with constant turns resulting in fast even cooking. You don’t need to go for stand-alone rotisserie appliance. It is difficult to find a quality appliance. It needs lot of your kitchen space to accommodate. So in simple words it is just waste of your kitchen precious space and money. So save both these by just investing in this multi-functional air fryer that premium quality rotisserie functionality. The Power Air Fryer Oven comes with motorized rotating spit. So it can be used without any issue with tools such as rotisserie bar, kabob skewers, rotisserie forks or rotating frying basket.


It offers dependable dehydrating functionality. There is no need to equip your kitchen with an expensive dehydrating machine. Dehydrators are not compact machines and will need considerable space to accommodate it. So there is no need for buying a stand-alone dehydrator for your kitchen. The Power Air Fryer Oven offers exceptional dehydrating features. You can use it for all types of food such as beef jerky, vegetables, fruits and more.

Touchscreen LCD controls

The PAFO comes with large touchscreen display. It allows the user to use it without any problem; even people with limited eyesight will find it an easy to use. The controls you will find the touch screen includes;

  • On/off button
  • Light
  • Temperature control
  • Timer control
  • Rotisserie mode button
  • 8 cooking presets identified by a pictorial icon of the food item.

Preset smart buttons

The preset buttons make the cooking process extremely easy and simple. In this air fryer you will find the following preset buttons;

  • French fries
  • Steak
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Fried chicken
  • Cake
  • Rotisserie
  • And dehydrator

Simple cooking with just touch of a button!

Multiple racks

The air fryer is equipped with 3 mesh air frying racks providing generous cooking space making possible cooking of different types of foods at same time. You can purchase additional racks for your appliance especially for dehydrating the foods where you can use 5 racks at same time.

What’s Included In Box?

In this comprehensive package you will get the following items;

  • Rotating mesh basket
  • 3 air flow racks
  • Rotisserie spit with forks and shaft
  • Drip tray
  • Rotisserie fetch tool
  • 10 skewers
  • 3 free recipes book
  • And 2 instructional manuals


  • Ample cooking space and customizable rack inserts; allow to easily making changes best your cooking needs.
  • The crystal clear window of the machine allows viewing your food during cooking process. It makes the cooking process especially interesting when you are using the oven as rotisserie.
  • It is the largest cooking machine on the market. And the only one that offers the rotisserie feature.


  • It is protected with very limited 60 days warranty. All those air frying machine protected with warranty offer at least year or longer. So the 60 days warranty is very short.
  • Some users complain about the cleaning of mesh basket.

Customers’ Views About PAFO

Majority of owners of this air fryer are satisfied with its performance. The areas mostly appreciated by users include; large cooking space, rotisserie feature, and the tray design. They say that it is now an important machine in their kitchens and using it multiple times per week.

Another thing draw their attraction is its ability to cooking small or large quantity of food. The flexible cooking features allow dealing with different types of foods at same time. Majority of its users give it high ratings.

There are also some users who are not satisfied with its performance.  Some folks say their appliance stopped working after some weeks use. The product is protected with 60 days warranty. But customers’ also have an issue with shipping cost that makes the unit too expensive for them. Another issue they mention that second product come with no warranty protection.

Majority of the negative reviews about this product especially discuss that the appliance is too expensive.

Final Verdict!

Should You Buy This Rotating Basket Airy Fryer?

The one word answer is “yes”. It is a viable investment and you will recover the money you invested in different ways such reduction in costs of oil for your food. The product is robust, will serve your cooking needs for many years to. You just need this simple one machine for handling different types of cooking routines. It can easily replaces your routine cooking appliances such as rotisseries, air fryer, convection oven, toaster, dehydrator oven, deep fryer, rotisserie oven, pizza grill and microwave. If you are looking for a bigger air fryer, flexibility, multiple racks system then this air fryer is best for you.